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I was born a chubby baby and I will probably die a chubby old man (but like the cute kind that you want to play checkers in a park with and who will tell you cool stories about cool things). My whole life I’ve been overweight and this probably isn’t going away anytime soon so I’ve decided its probably a good idea to start coping with it. I’ve never been one to pick apart everything I hate about myself and compare it all to hot celebrities. Most of them are fake anyways (except Ryan Gosling, seriously what the hell?).

That being said, I’ve never been quite comfortable in my own skin either. I would always wear baggy sweaters when I was younger and if the kids weren’t teasing me about my weight or my acne they were teasing me about wearing hot clothes in the middle of summer. Towards the end of high school I had some growth spurts that helped even some things out across my geography but I remain to be less than perfect. And honestly, that’s okay.

This is me. Just me. I’m not using any camera tricks, I’m not sucking anything in, and I’m not photoshopped. I am human. I have longer than average limbs, I’m hairy, I’m chubby, and I am god awful at taking pictures. But none the less I am also funny, a good manager, and I’m damn good drummer. You see, none of these physical short comings I have limit my potential as a genuine human being, and you know what? Neither do yours. I think that as humans we too often get caught up in how perfect other people are. We focus so much on how attractive movie actors are and we forget that their “perfect” bodies are often just as fictitious as the roles they’re portraying. We need to stop spending so much time comparing ourselves to others and we need to start focusing on what makes us great ourselves. And while I still sometimes where certain clothes and stand certain ways to hide my weight, I’m starting to feel pretty good about myself.

I recently had some coworkers guess my weight, and they both honestly guessed 180. They weren’t trying to be nice, but they were under by about 30 pounds, and that was really quite surprising. I’m pretty sure that none of us are as terrible as we make ourselves out to be, and while I don’t expect this post to change anyones lives, I’m hoping at least somebody gets a little boost of confidence from this or at least takes a second glance at them selves and how wonderful they can be. Go do good things. Go be cool people. Go work to make others happy and stop killing yourself over your pant size because doughnuts are really good and I don’t blame anyone for having too many of them. 

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